Do you beat other Landscape Contractor estimates?

Yes! We will beat most licensed contractor's written estimate by 15%
(some restrictions may apply)Click for our Estimate Form


Why the reduced price?

I believe to pass the savings onto you, I can do this due to less overhead and using industry best practices. You will receive the same great quality as a large contractor. (I believe it will be even a better job done for less, simply because I value my work and have the ethic to do a great job. Some large contractors may have seasonal employees that come and go frequently, and their workers may not care about the finished product.

Do you provide free estimates?


(Estimates can be done for rural areas or several miles from the area, some of those may be delayed due to location. E-mail/Internet can help for those places too.) Click for our Estimate Form

What local areas do you provide services?

Fargo and surrounding area including Wahpeton, Lisbon, Casselton, Detroit Lakes, and Pelican Rapids.

How many materials do I need to get?

After you receive an estimate from me, I will let you know how many pavers, materials needed etc.  An example would be this:  If your patio is 200 square feet and you want 4" x 8" Holland style pavers, then 200 x 4.7 = 940 pavers.  Also, for 200 square feet, 4 yards of class 5 gravel (base material) is needed.  That is it, those two products delivered  or picked up by you from a dealer or store of your choice.  I provide the other necessary materials like edging, fabric, and lock sand. You may want a special type of edging, retaining walls, or other products to complement your patio.

Where can I shop for these products?

Pavers, retaining walls, and edging can be found at most large home and garden centers, such as Lowe's, Menards, and Home Depot. (a larger variety of specific products can be found at local paver dealers such as Hebron Brick and others, some are special orders and may not be in stock, so plan ahead if you like these products.

Gravel base (class 5) material can be found at:
Local sand & gravel yards.

Here is a list, should be accurate for 2013

Can you provide the materials?

Yes, I provide necessary edging, locking sand, and fabric. I can provide the pavers and gravel base. In most cases it will save you money if you purchase the pavers or hardscape materials and gravel, depending on how many pavers, you could pick up, gravel is usually always delivered onsite with a dump truck.

What about "call before digging" and underground utility lines?

I will arrange this process before the start of your job. (You will see marked lines in grass and flags when it has been completed)

What experience do you have?

I have 15 years experience installing pavers, retaining walls, fire pits, hardscape features and general landscaping. The experience includes full time and part time work, working for another contractor and my own current business.


What maintenance is required on a paver patio?

Sand should be swept into the patio once a year, Sweep sand into paver cracks until they are filled with sand.  Use a fine mason type sand or a bag of play sand. 

more information:

Maintenance and performance of pavers (pdf)


How long does it take to install a patio? 

A 200 square foot patio takes about 2 days to complete(depends on if a weather delay and patio details, cutting, design, etc).