How to Install a Spa on Pavers with Cedar Lattice Enclosure


Install Spa on a Paver Patio

A detailed instruction on how I have installed a Spa or Hot Tub on a paver patio with a cedar lattice spa enclosure. You can install the pavers and Hot Tub with the step-by-step information on this page. With some patience and work you will have constructed a Spa on your patio to enjoy for many years. Have fun!

Learn How to Build a Hot Tub Enclosure and Install Spa on a Paver Patio!


Steps to Installing a Spa or Hot Tub on a Paver Patio with Cedar Pergola

The first step is to determine the size or area where the Spa will be installed on the paver patio by square foot. This will figure into the estimate of materials needed later. Mark off the area with a can of white spray paint, slightly larger to allow for paver edge restraints and a footing base at the borders of the patio.

Paver tools

Estimate the materials needed, chose desired pavers, Most paver and concrete dealers will let you know how many per square feet for there products. Also estimate base material and sand, approximately 1 1/2 yards of gravel(3/4 " quarry process)per 100 square feet, this will support a 4" compacted base. Sand - a fine mason sand, about 1/4 the amount of the gravel base should be plenty. Having more is always better than not having enough base material.


3. Digging and preparing for a good paver base is important and will be the most time consuming process.


Please read the details of a Paver Install for more information Paver Patio Installation Details

Spa on Pavers with Cedar Enclosure and Bar

4. The Base for a Hot Tub on the Paver Patio needs to be prepared more aggressively than a standard paver install. Make sure the base area where the spa will be placed is deep enough to support the added weight of a Spa. I would recommend no less than 8 inches of gravel 3/4" base material, 10-12 inches if possible with landscape fabric under the base.



Paver Plate Compactor 5. Use a plate compactor to get the base solid. With the added base material, Compact it several times, start with a few inches of base material, compact, then add remaining gravel base to the correct grade, and compact until it no longer will pack.

Hot Tub on Patio Cedar Lattice Trellis

A Hot Tub enclosure with pergola, built from cedar and lattice can add a privacy screen around the tub. It has a nice appearance to complement the Spa and will also protect it from the wind.

FYI - A Cedar Fence can also be added near the Spa or Hot Tub
Cedar Fence Installation Details


Spa on Paver Patio

Cedar Spa Bar

7. The Enclosure or pergola with cedar lattice can be constructed in many different ways. This example shows it built prior to installing the Hot Tub. Measurements were taken to allow room for the spa cover caddy lift in back and for the cover to close in front. 4 x 4 posts are placed and a pergola with trellis work is added to the top. Cedar lattice panels on the top and sides add the privacy screens.

A Cedar bar can be added for a complete enclosure and used for storing items. Installed with casters or wheels, it can easily be moved around the patio for access to spa or for beverages!

Paver Patio with Hot Tub






















8. This is an another example of a Spa installed on a Paver Patio.
This also has a fence privacy screen on one side and Pergola overhead enclosure.

See the photo gallery for examples. Visit the Patio Store for items before and after your patio is completed.

Article Author: Hildebrand Construction

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