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Lower Your Heat and Air Conditioning Bill

Landscape to Save Money: Lower your Heat and Cooling Expenses - When Trees and Shrubs are Planted Correctly..

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Landscaping to Save Money: Lower your Heat and Cooling Expenses ses

By Steve Hildebrand


Landscaping around your home is not just for looks. When trees and shrubs are planted correctly, it can save money for heating or cooling your house. The following tips can greatly help with energy costs over the long term of owning a house.

During the summer months, plant trees in locations that look good and appropriate, but can add shade to the house to keep it cool. Plant a medium sized to large tree in the South East area of the house for the rising sun, to keep the sun from getting the chance to warm the house in the morning. Plant another tree or two along the South side to continue this shade as the Sun moves throughout the day. Finally plant a tree on the West side for the evening sun shade. Use various shrubs around the house, keep at least two feet from foundation. These plants and shrubs will keep the foundation of the house cool during the summer. Miniature spruce trees can be placed next to the house as they only reach 8 – 10 feet tall and add variety to the other shrubs and are attractive in winter, as they don’t lose foliage.

During the winter months, keep in mind that the shade trees lose there leaves and will allow sun through to warm the south area of the home. Wind chill is probably most critical in the winter. Plant trees for wind break protection. Depending on your part of the country, most winds prevail from the North and West. Plant both shrub type trees mixed with evergreen species to block wind. There are several designs including rows or staggered looks, and random plantings as to maintain beauty and plant according to your surroundings. These wind breaks also double as privacy screens year round and can also block wind during summer storms.

Good luck on your landscaping design, to lower your heat and air conditioning bill. The right design still adds beauty and saving money is always a great plan.

Resource: Hildebrand Construction

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