Many Ideas for Pergola, Trellis, & Arbor

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There are many options to look at, using natural cedar, placing near a garden or patio

Backyard Ideas for a Pergola, Trellis, or Arbor

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Backyard Ideas for a Pergola, Trellis, or Arbor

By Steve Hildebrand

A pergola will be an attractive addition to your backyard. A pergola is basically an
arbor made of horizontal trellis work or wooden boards supported by posts. Place a pergola on a patio for a welcome area or use it to provide shade. Also can be placed in a garden and have plants surround it or combine with a trellis and plant climbing vines. A pergola will be useful for many years. Most are constructed of nice looking cedar.

A trellis will also be a great attraction, combine with a pergola or use as a privacy screen
next to a patio or garden. A trellis is a structure of latticework, used as a support for vines or as a stand alone privacy screen, or used as a part of and arched arbor. Place in your yard for climbing plants, privacy, or to hide a part of a building or cover an eye sore in the yard. Choose natural cedar for a beautiful rustic look.

An Arbor will be very similar to a pergola or trellis, in most cases it is a combination of the two. However, an arbor is generally arched, and can have a trellis on both sides. An arbor is a shade structure that can include latticework and used generally as an entrance area to a garden. Can also be placed in areas that a pergola or trellis will be used. An example would be to use an arbor as a gate to your backyard or a focal attraction point located in your yard.

Hope you find the ideas and the right application for your backyard landscape idea.

Resource: Hildebrand Construction

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