How to Install a Brick Paver Patio

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Basic Steps to a Brick Paver Installation

Brick Pavers - Installation and Tips

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Brick Pavers - Installation and Tips

By Steve Hildebrand

Learn how to build a Brick Paver Patio, ideas, tips, and resources here. A detailed instruction on how I have constructed brick paver patios over the last 9 years. You can install brick pavers or do-it-yourself with this step-by-step information. With some patience and hard work, you will have constructed a brick patio to enjoy for many years. Have fun!

The first step is to determine the size or area of the brick paver patio by square foot.

Estimate the materials needed, and chose the desired brick pavers.

Digging and preparing for a good brick paver base is important and will be the most time consuming process... read more!

Please click the link below for Detailed Instructions

8 Basic Steps to Paver Patio Construction - detailed paver installation instructions with photos and step-by-step brick paver construction tips.

Article Source: Hildebrand Construction

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