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Books will always be an excellent resource to any do-it-yourself project.
Patio design and plans from books generally do not get outdated.
The information from books will be useful for many years to come.


Books with some valuable information on patios and landscaping, some include: Patios and Walkways, The Complete Patio Book, Ortho's Patio Plans, Creative Patios, The Patio Portfolio, Walks, Walls & Patios, and Start-To-Finish Patios.


Books today are still a valuable resource and always will be. These Patio books are great for the motivated

do-it-yourself person and provide nice pictures, especially if you are the type who likes a picture example. So these

books have many pictures, instructions, and plenty of reading to help you with your next patio, retaining wall, and some

landscaping around the patio as well. Good luck on your Patio project and have fun doing so.





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