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Interested in designing a Paver Patio but can't decide which pattern to use?
Some basic Paver Patterns of pavers are shown below. There are many, many paver patterns and most have examples, others are random and creative. Use the discussion forum below to add comments or get answers for many pattern ideas.


Paver Pattern Discussion Forum!


Paver Pattern examples with holland style pavers:

Paver Herringbone

Paver Basketweave

Paver Running Bond

Herringbone Basketweave Running


Symetry Paver Pattern example:

Paver Photo Symetry Pattern


Learn how to Build a Paver Patio

Patio Ideas? Plans, Do it Yourself, and Paver Install Tips


cobble circle paver pattern
Universal Stone Paver Pattern
Cobble Circle Paver Pattern
Universal Stone Paver Pattern


Modified Weave Paver Pattern example:

Paver Pattern Weave


Spanish Bond Paver Pattern example: